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They say if you over think and over analyze things, it is because of fear. I can honestly say, it’s 100% true. While I do have a life outside of work there is one person that is on my mind, and even though I trust this person, each and every possible scenario is playing in my head, and it is annoying. I would like to know how to get over this annoying feeling, but I honestly don’t believe that there is an answer to this at all. I guess it’s something I have to get over in my own way.

But where does this fear come from, basically it comes from past experiences. Kind of like when you play a video game and you get all nervous and on your P’s and Q’s because every time you reach this point in the game, you get your behind handed to you by the boss of the level. In plain words, those life experiences that you would not want to wish on anyone is a bitch.

So how is one to press on and continue with out giving up? I guess you have to place your faith in that other person. Can you be 100 percent sure that everything will be ok? No not really. However you can’t press on unless you are willing to take a risk to begin with.

If this makes sense to you, well you are welcome.

If not, then you haven’t begun to live yet.

Well I’m back. Am I in full effect? No. The other side is however. The side that says that “I JUST DON’T GIVE A FUCK”

Too explicit? That’s the way it is. At the moment, I need to take a shower, get dressed, and head to the gym.


Am I pissed? No. I’m calm. Calm and ready to strike.

Say hello to a Muay Thai Demon !!!

I hope this girl is there today at the gym 


Like or reblog if you think it’s important to get into this kind of mind state. Are you able empty your mind before a fight?


Like or reblog if you think it’s important to get into this kind of mind state. Are you able empty your mind before a fight?


What was your first time sparring like? Did you get your ass kicked like me?


Boston Bombings as False Flag by the uS Govt according to Conspiracy Theorist ALex Jones

Lebron.. I’m so sorry. You can not take his place

Friday was amazing. Went to Friday Night Fights which was being held at ST Pauls in NYC. My school went out and had a real amazing night.

Brandice went out KO’ed her opponent in 1:14 seconds… Roundhouse tatics !!

Youyung, took Gio’s fight. Gio was supposed to fight but I think he is super injured so he took the title fight, even though he didn’t win, the dude is a beast and put on one hell of a show. Best, he didn’t back down, but his opponent just kept shoving him in the corner…dude get off of him..didn’t you loose at MSG at the Take-On Fight ???

Last but not least..Greg…as always did his thing ! He’s super amazing ! All of us from Five Points all said the same thing, Greg hasn’t begun to fight. He came out at full power in the 4th round, but then held back.

Though and through, I took my mom to see the fight. She’s the type when she see’s me train, if I get hit, she will run up and attack the other guy. Now she knows. The best part, she had no idea who was in the seat next to her. If I’m not mistaken, it was Sean Fagan !

The place was filled with fighters.

Fighters, and some girls that are groupies.

Well you know what they say…


For everyone that does Muay Thai….KEEP TRAINING.

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